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My name is Art De La Cruz and I am running as a WRITE-IN candidate for State Representative, District 12, the heart of the South Valley and West Side of Albuquerque

You WILL NOT see Art De La Cruz printed on your ballot 

Under State Representative District 12, there will be a box that says "Declared Write-In Candidate" and a blank space. 
I ask you to fill in the oval and write my name:


Art De La Cruz


Putting A Lifetime of Experience
to Work for YOU

I have over 40 years experience in elected office and a life time of experience as a resident the South Valley and West Side of Albuquerque. 

I served as County Commissioner from 2008-2016, and I fought every day to make sure we were not forgotten and that our journey got us closer to the great community we want, deserve and waited too long for.

I will continue to do that as your State Representative, fighting to bring us and our children a better tomorrow.

To do this, I will need your support, and I ask you to remember to please write my name, "De La Cruz" in the space provided on your ballot for the democratic candidate because you won't see my name printed.


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