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Hi, I'm Art

My Story is a New Mexico Story

I was born in the same home in the Valley I live in today, and my parents, Martin De La Cruz and Cora Chavez De La Cruz, expected me to work hard, take care of the family, go to school, and honor my name. Just like many families in the Valley, we had to make do with what was available.  Money was scarce - but there was never a shortage of pride in an honest day's work. Pride, hard work, and perseverance despite adversity are ethics I am passing on to my children, Alejandra and Reyes, that I share with my loving wife of 35 years, Annette. Without her, I would be lost.

When I was at Rio Grande High School, a fortunate encounter with a concerned teacher led me to wrestle at Rio Grande. Small in frame, but determined in spirit, I earned a full scholarship to wrestle for the University of New Mexico.


Like my parents, grandparents and neighbors, I understand the value of hard work, familia, respeto y educación. These values have taken me from a small home on Elena Circle to being a County Commissioner and now to serve as your State Representative. 

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I need YOUR vote, please remember to write De La Cruz on your ballot

Mi Familia

Nothing is normal these days, not even family photos! From left to right, my amazing wife of 35 years, Annette, myself, our daughter who we are so proud of, Alejandra with her pup, and our incredible son, Reyes. 

Why I am Running for State Representative

I have seen when children lose hope and forsake their future. I have seen the devastating effect unemployment has on families, single parents and our community. I have seen how our government too often forgets about our community, ignores us, or puts us at the back of the line. All of these reasons and more are why I am running as the only Democrat and as a Write In Candidate. 

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